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Do What You Want

The best of life comes when you take it as it comes and stay in the moment…release your resistance and preconceived judgments and just go with the flow…follow your desire and attraction and stop denying yourself what you want…
Keep your vision of what you want clearly in front of you, modify it as data comes in, and when obstacles present themselves look within because the obstacle is always a result of something within your subconscious that is broadcasting to your world.
We have all been playing by the rules…has it gotten you where you truly want to be? The rules are a lie…there are none. Follow your joy, follow your passion, release your judgment for it will bite you in the ass every time, stop berating yourself for you are more than worthy of all that you dream and equal in every way to every person…the best and the worst…it is only your judgment that makes distinctions…and stay in the moment…holding your vision in front of you and finding the pearl in the moment for the moment always has millions of pearls to offer…what a phenomenal experience this is…amazing
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