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You are exquisitely and amazingly beautiful





Beauty is such a subjective attribute. What is beautiful to one is not even attractive to another. What one person finds beautiful in nature or landscaping or decorations or attire may be completely different to another. There may be some common ground in just an average reaction but the stuff that takes your breath away is personal. It is the same with a person’s beauty except that with people there are rich layers of beauty that sometimes takes time to uncover. Someone who is in tune to who they really are and the truth about this temporary time space reality sees the beauty that exists in every person. They see the beauty in the person who has covered it in layers of erroneous thinking and they even see it in the superficial beauty that people frown upon. They see it everywhere and in everyone because they see it in themselves as well.
It is not about the beauty of the kind and giving person because that can be faked and motivated by erroneous thinking. It is not the beauty of the of the self sacrificing person because again that can be faked and motivated by erroneous thinking. In addition you could have great motivation to do what many would consider worthy and still believe that beauty is for selfish and frivolous purposes. In that case you would hide your beauty from the world.
The funny thing is that we came to enjoy our personal beauty and the vision of what is beautiful. You cannot fully appreciate what is out there unless you appreciate it fully within yourself. Until you embrace your true and authentic beauty and are not hypnotized into what society and the media tells you is beautiful you will not experience fully the beauty of the world let alone your own and you are exquisitely, amazingly beautiful.

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