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Dust off Your Imagination

If you could regain the thrill of using your imagination for exactly what you want instead of where it has been going, oh what a life you would have.
Many of us believe that we have lost the ability to use our child like imagination but that would be far from the truth.  It is just that you are using it every moment to create what you see and buy into what is.  The problem with that is what you see and what is was created by you in the past and you keep recreating pretty much the same stuff over and over again.  This is reinforced by well meaning people in your life who have been doing the same and teaching that it is the adult responsible thing to do.  It is not.
So break out those dreams and desires and play with them in your mind and try them on to see how they fit.  Purposely enjoy your thoughts and find thoughts to think that feel good.  It is in feeling good that you scientifically generate healing in the body but it does more than that.  The energy of feeling good, enjoying your moment, being relaxed or passionate or both actually allows your dreams to come true.
Conversely thinking thoughts that don’t feel good and paying attention to what is wrong longer than enough time to see it and clarify what you do want in life, creates bad health, less energy and lines up your life for more of the same stuff that you don’t want.
Think about who you take advice from and truly in all your years listening to so many people tell you this and that, has there ever been someone in your life that you actually said in your mind “They have a great life and I want to know what they know”.  Probably not, you may love and respect them and they may be living a good life but it isn’t the life you want with passion and enthusiasm.
You may have bought into the idea that you can’t have it all, and life is a bunch of ups and downs but that is also false.  You can have it all and life can be waves of up and higher up with moments of peace and relaxation.  You get to do it the way you want but you have to stop allowing your mind to go where everyone else has gone before and make it do your fun and joyful bidding.
You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by dusting off your ability to take your thoughts to new places and make it a priority to feel wonderful whatever it takes.
Enjoy your amazing moment, magnificent one.
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