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The Gift is Always There

We tend to dwell on what we don’t have quite yet and what isn’t quite right instead of appreciating what is right there in front of us that is lovely and inspiring. There is always something to appreciate and find joy in every single moment of your life.
The things that you don’t have or are not quite right are just lovely fuel for your creative process. Look at it briefly but don’t dwell in that space. Use that information to focus your powerful mind on what it is that you do want, feel as if it is here now or problems are solved now and then direct your attention to the pleasure and joy that are already in your now moment.
You will find that each moment feels good and if you just make feeling good a priority in every moment, your life will unfold in a way that is truly magical.
There will always be growth and expansion for you and some of it may seem at the time to be uncomfortable but if you use this process of allowing your focus to only touch on it briefly, then feel the solution is now, then focus on what is right about you and your life…you will actually get so good at making life work for you that you will have discomfort and problems less and less and see every experience as the gift that it truly is.
I have found in every instance of my deepest discomfort or greatest perceived hurt or challenge I have gotten my greatest gifts in life. I also realized that it was my own limited thinking and judgment and negativity and disconnection from my truth that caused the resistance that brought that event into my life. I know that if it happened that I was so far disconnected from my truth that it had to happen the way it did. I also know that in becoming aware and following my advice I don’t ever have to recreate those situations again…and that is liberating and amazing and exciting and empowering.
In every moment life can give you every desire heart felt and is giving it to you…you just have to awaken to your magnificence and reconnect to the real authentic you. That, my friend, is so very amazing and brings more than a smile to anyone’s face that gets to experience it in you or within.

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