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Easy Resolutions

The new year and all the sparkle and celebration of new beginnings are upon us. Let your resolutions be about enjoying each moment more, finding passion in your life again, giving yourself the relaxation of being in the now moment and not attached to past guilt or future worry, loving yourself unconditionally and mastering your mind.
Any action you plan will flow easily and yield exponential results when you find yourself experiencing your now more fully and mastering your mind.
It truly is much easier to live that way. Somewhere along the way we came to the wrong conclusion about ease and difficulty. We think that if it flows easily into our life it isn’t worth as much as something we struggle to get….and yet that makes no sense whatsoever. When we are involved in passionate endeavors there is no difficulty beside our resistance and errors in thinking. If there is any struggle it is our own self imposed struggle and how can a self imposed struggle signify something is more important than something we allow easily because we have no resistance. It truly makes no sense…so why not enjoy your moments and allow your grandest vision of your life into your existence with ease…it is the quickest, most effective way. Not only that but it assures you that you get the life YOU want and not the life someone else wants for you.

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