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Each Moment Holds Magic

When you finally realize that there is beauty to be found in every moment, there is pleasure to be found in every instant, there is something attractive about every person, there is strength and talent and creativity within you and every person in your life, then you can do the fun of discovery in every moment.
What could me more life giving and fun than to find any or all of those things in every moment. It was what you intended to do as you embraced this time space experience. The added benefit is that in getting back to your purpose, to enjoy every moment, you find your life becoming more and more of your hearts desire in every aspect of your life. You find that the journey to that end is as much fun as the end point and from that end point a new desire and journey begin with all the promise of joy, excitement and discovery mixed with moments of awe and deep appreciation…as it was your intention from the beginning, magnificent one.

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