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New Beginnings

So today like every day and actually every moment is a new beginning. You can make a choice in every moment to see the joy and beauty of life, to give yourself permission to relax and be easy, to take out your dreams and enjoy the swirl of magic in them.
In doing that in your every moment you will find that life takes on a sparkling beauty that not only affects you, but affects all that you live: the people, the circumstances, and actually the world…
In using any negative as simply the source of clarity it provides to fine tune your dreams and desires and then quickly turn your amazing mind to what you do want, you will find your moment become more pleasant and in the stringing of pleasant moments, making that your priority, you will find your life easily changing to what you desire. When you easily find your desired life becoming a reality you affect the entire world for the better. You empower people around you to easily fulfill their dreams and awaken to their own true power. You will then find yourself surrounded by people who enhance your life as you enhance theirs and negative experiences will diminish in frequency and degree.
You will also have the power and freedom to take on what passions you enjoy and they will naturally be a win win for all that come in contact with you.
Only by example do you truly lead, teach and affect change and that starts with what is inside you. Feeling unconditional love for yourself and by design must include that for others you will find your every moment filled with beauty, pleasure, joy and empowered experiences. Just one moment in that space makes the world a better place and is more effective than any action done with a negative attitude of feeling sorry for someone or worry or guilt or sacrifice.
You are more than you ever dreamed, you are easily capable of every hearts desire and your authentic contribution to this existence beyond priceless no matter how you do it. Just relax, enjoy, and allow your authentic powerful self easily make this world what you want it to be.
Happy New Year

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