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Inspirational Message

hurt quoteQuestion all things?  What does it actually mean when our feelings are hurt?  What is the underlying issue?  Usually it means that someone didn’t act the way we felt they should act if they love us, are our friend, or family.  The thing is, who decides what is the right way to act.  Can’t actions and words be fake?  So even if someone is doing and saying all the “right things” how do you know what is in their heart.  If they don’t do and say all the “right things” how do you know they don’t love and respect YOU.  In reality it is never about you and it is always about you.  It is a paradox in a way because anyone that can do something that is “hurtful” is in pain and it is about them, not you.  However, you are the creator of your experiences so you attracted the experience with your beliefs about yourself and others, so it is also about you.  There is an easy fix, though, and that is to practice knowing that you are a magnificent, unlimited, unique, spectacular and eternal being.  When you remember that then no one can actually “hurt” you and your intuition will tell you when the actions and words are real or fake.

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