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Embrace your Magnificence

In the process of remembering who you truly are and that is unlimited and magnificent it also becomes evident that knowing that of everyone else is part of process.
The beauty of this is that not only do you begin to step into your power and start experiencing the life that you truly want you find that you then attract the best of each person into your experience.
They may not truly be aware of who they are but because you know that they are magnificent and unlimited and you are embracing it about yourself, they become who you want to experience or they can’t be in your life.
I have found that to be true without exception. There may be some who continue to live a life of limitation, judgment and insecurity but in the brief encounters with you they don’t expose you to that kind of behavior. You also uplift them as well but what they do with that is not your business.
Some who are so mired in their forgetting will not be able to be around you at all but again that is not your business either.
You will find new people coming into your life that are mutually uplifting and you will be drawn to them as well.
Since life was designed to be a cooperative experience you will become comfortable with the delicious experiences of win win arrangements.
The best exercise I know for training yourself to think good thoughts about everyone and yourself in each moment is to just look for a genuine positive thought about that person. It could be as simple as noticing the nice shirt they are wearing or the color of their eyes. It has to be genuine and you don’t have to say it out loud but the habit of giving genuine mental complements to everyone you see, friend, coworker or stranger, uplifts your own energy. It also draws out the best in each person you encounter. Do it for yourself as well especially when you are doing that thing you do where you put yourself down, or berate yourself for doing or not doing something or feel inadequate in some way.
Enjoy your beautiful day magnificent and unlimited one.

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