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Loving Yourself

Loving yourself seems like such a mystery.  There is no chance of a great relationship without loving yourself first.  There is no chance of success without loving yourself first.  There is no chance of being well physically without loving yourself first.  All aspects of this time space reality are hinged on that simple first step.  You have to relearn to love yourself unconditionally.  You loved and celebrated yourself early on in life but somewhere along the way you were convinced to change how you thought about yourself and now you judge you and others.  Now you second guess life.  Now you feel guarded and that you need to protect something from someone.  Now you feel less than great often.  Now you find yourself in situations that you don’t want more often than situations that you do want.
How to get back to loving yourself and the subsequent result which is loving life and getting what you want out of life seems to be such a mystery to most.
There are many recommended practices but they seem to say “just do it”  and obviously for most just doing it seems too easy and they can’t find their way to just doing it.
So the trick is to realize a habit takes about of month to create.  You got into the habit of feeling less than, judging, blaming, fearing over many years so be patient with yourself.  Just take each moment one at a time.  When you feel less than amazing and awesome make that your trigger to use whatever technique gets you to a better feeling just for now.  Don’t try to “fix” your life because you can’t fix anything from the mindset of negative thinking.  You will only attract more circumstances just like the last ones no matter how far you run or how many times you change the people and circumstances.
Some techniques to change how you feel in the moment are listed below:
1)  Look up and admire the sky
2)  focus on the act of breathing, the air going in and out of your nostrils or the rise and fall of your chest
3)  Smile, even if it is forced, just keep smiling and thoughts related to smiling will trickle into your awareness
4)  Listen to uplifting music
5)  Listen to comedy or read a joke book
6)  Imagine what your perfect lover would say to you often
7)  Remind yourself that whatever is now had to be in order for you to rediscover your magnificence and if it is bad, rejoice in your powerful yet misdirected creative ability.  If it isn’t so bad rejoice that you are figuring it out before you hit the bottom.  If is it good rejoice that it is going to get even better.
8)  Remember that everyone is exactly equal and so you have the potential for greatness and a phenomenal life greater than the greatest possible life you can imagine, you just have to learn to love yourself
9)  Remember that any negative feelings about others come back to bite you in the ass because it is always about you judging you.  It isn’t about being a good person but that negative feeling should serve as a trigger to do the work of loving yourself in that moment.
10)  Remember that no matter what happened or is happening you were doing the best you could in that moment even if you feel like you totally messed up.  In addition it had to happen for all involved because we are all creating the dance.  That means they are also doing the best they could.  Choose to think of something else.
11)  Imagine how you want things to be as if they are and cultivate that feeling…it may take practice but you were born with the ability and just forgot how to use it so keep trying whenever you can.  Use waiting time for practice.  Use shower time for practice.
12)  Pretend great experiences often just to have fun with it.
13)  Imagine looking at someone or something you love (kids, lover, pet, motorcycle, dance shoes) and feel the feeling of that deep love and appreciation, now direct it to yourself.
14)  Have a little statement that inspires you to recite in your mind when you find yourself going to the dark side…lol…mine is “I am love, light, peace, health, beauty, passion, power and abundance.”
15)  Take something mundane and think about every little thing to appreciate about it from the thing itself to the delivery, manufacturer, discovery, materials, earth etc.  Do that with your body and trillion cells working in magical ways every nanosecond.
16)  Remember that you are magnificent, powerful, unlimited and eternal so you don’t have to take this moment so seriously and yet this moment is how you experience you and precious.  You have an infinite number to enjoy but what is the point of wasting this one for no actual reason and there is no reason not to have joy in this moment…none.
Well I could go on as I am in the habit of doing but that should help…enjoy your powerful magnificent moments and I look forward to the magic that has been and will be.
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