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Fault and Blame do not serve you

Without blaming yourself or others or circumstances beyond your control but just realizing you have orchestrated your moment and called in the players and circumstances.
If it happens to be something uncomfortable then all you need do is look within to find the source or simply change your mind’s focus.  You are the director behind the mind and thoughts and when you enjoy the easy task of making your mind and thoughts do what you want them to do the very moment you are in is radically transformed.
Many times your judgments get in your way and we have allowed the burden of judgment to pile on without question.  We get judgments from every aspect of our growing up and accept them without question.  I would venture to say that the people and society that has taught us our judgments doesn’t seem to be living an ideal existence.
It isn’t that you shouldn’t have desires and preferences but rather you must focus your mind and thoughts on what those are.  Use the experiences that are not your desire and preference to clarify what your desires and preferences are and then turn your focus to that.  Without judgment meaning without thinking more or less of yourself or anyone else.
You can desire peace by feeling peace and realizing when you see anything less than peace outside yourself that it is a reflection of what is not at peace within you and not the “bad” actions of others.  Without making yourself bad but rather seeing your preference for peace as your focus and becoming aware of where you are not at peace within.  It doesn’t serve the greater whole and the world to get angry with the nonpeaceful people and consider them bad and in need of controlling and punishment.  It also doesn’t serve the whole to beat yourself up about anything.  You can’t be at peace when doing that.
When taking responsibility for all that you experience and observe and not blaming or finding fault you don’t become a wishy washy passive person who doesn’t get involved.  You don’t become a recluse that finds no reason to get involved.  Instead you become someone who acts when inspired and sees the truth about your self and others.  It is only from that vantage point that universal changes for improved circumstances for everyone can truly happen.
Use the feeling of blame or finding fault as your indication that you have inner work to do…nothing more.  Use someone else in your experience finding you to blame or at fault as an indication that you have inner work to do.  I dislike the idea of ‘work”  inner or outer because it implies discomfort and obligation but in this instance it is joyful and fun and the rewards are amazing.
You are magnificent and unlimited and all possibilities are within your grasp in every moment if you would just own your magnificence and remember who you truly are.
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