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Find Joy and Appreciation in Your Now

We waste so much of our lives which really consists of one moment after the next.  When we spend that moment regretting or unhappy about something past or worrying and anxious about some possible future we are not enjoying our now moment.
Many of us have gotten into the habit of wasting our now moments in such counterproductive habits and end up never really living.  In not being present in the moment and finding the joy of that moment we end up lining up future moments to be what we fear or worry about, thus creating evidence that our misguided thinking is correct.
It is simple to apply yourself, instead, to the habit of finding the gift in this very moment and living in the joy and appreciation of that gift or more realistically the many gifts.  In doing that you expand the gifts you already have and the energy of joy and appreciation bring you to fulfillment of dreams and desires that are born in each moment.
Dreams and desires are born in every moment and truly you don’t have to give them that much attention if you are living in joy and appreciation for they will flow into your life easily.  It seems pretty simple and yet we make it so complicated.
Unfortunately we have been taught to focus on problems and thus make problems our world, feeding them with an enormous amount of attention and energy.  If that were a true solution then by now the world would be devoid of problems but it is not a solution.  Focusing on problems is a sure way to increase the problem so instead focus on the solution and if no solution is clear then turn your attention to something else that stirs in you appreciation and joy.
There is a still part of you behind the personality you identify with that holds the power and joy and peace that is yours in every moment.  Only from that place can you truly live the dream life you imagine and anything else will not satisfy you even if you achieve some goal or accomplishment that you believe to be the way to your happiness.
So cut to the chase and own that which you already have and watch how magically your world transforms before your eyes.  Do not resist your now but dive into it with full knowledge that you are more than what meets your eyes…for that matter, all your senses, and own your power to transform your now into joy and appreciation and every now will be more than the last.
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