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Live in your powerful now

You can live a life completely aware that you are more than this personality you have decided in error to think is you.  You can live a life completely detached from what is going on in your personal life and the world at large and still be in it.  This will not make you uncaring or diminish your ability to enjoy your life.  In fact it is the only way you can actually really care, love and enjoy fully.  It is the only way you can actually help anyone caught in the drama of suffering with any lasting result.
You can become immune to the waves in your life when you know you are an ocean of power.  Even the biggest of tsunamis can’t change your depth and core being and become merely a ripple in your day that subsides.
In this very moment you can choose to remember who you really are and drop all illusion of being the limited personality that is just a costume for this time space experience.  In choosing to remember who you are in every now that you experience, you will have what you actually want most of all.  You will have a sense of joy, peace and fulfillment that is so profound nothing else will compare.  You will know that nothing can change that for you but you and once experienced you will not be able to tolerate living without it again.
It will make all of life more vibrant, every experience more fun, every relationship felt more deeply.  There will no longer be any fear for you will have no fear.  There will no longer be difficulty, for you will be tapped into a clear path whenever you are faced with an adventure.  You will find life a wonderful balance of peace and passion, relaxation and excitement.
You will gaze with disbelief as people continue to live with the discomfort of not knowing who they truly are but you will not be concerned as you will see the power and beauty within them even as they are forgetting.  You will know that by remembering who you are and who they are is the best possible thing you could do to help in any way.  In that space you will have a clear indication of what to do or to do nothing to “help” at that moment.
Enjoy your magnificence and that of every other in your every now.
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