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Our Infinite Nature Needs a Now for Expression





Most of us seeker types agree that the moment and staying in the now is an important part of living life for it is all that exists. The past is but a memory and a faulty one at best given that we only pay attention to about 2000 bits of data out of billions to choose from. The future is not in existence yet and when it comes it will be now, so it really doesn’t exist either.
The trick is how to practically stay in the now, our own personal now. We have been taught to dredge up the past to make sense of our now. We have been taught to prepare for the future or there will be consequences.
I do not remember anyone in my early life or education teaching me how to appreciate the moment. No one encouraged enjoying right now. In fact it seemed that enjoying yourself right now may come with punishment in the future.
The lucky ones found joy in what they were “supposed” to do or were so passionate about what they were doing they couldn’t hear the nay sayers counselling against such wanton enjoyment of a now.
We are “now: finding out that your power is only in the “Now” and creates the next now and many of us seem to be stuck creating the same kind of now that we have always known.
It seems like a difficult task because we have never consciously sought to enjoy every now. In fact many suggested that you must “earn” the right to enjoy any moment by suffering though some pretty bad “nows”.

The problem arose when some suffered enough bad “nows” that they finally allowed themselves enjoyment of their present “nows” and so it seemed that this flawed premise may be correct. Of course, as time goes on the ante of how many bad “nows” you must suffer has exponentially increased. It seems to me that many are waiting a whole lifetime to retire to enjoy some “nows”.
When you realize that it is a flawed premise, and all you have to do is look around at the few that didn’t suffer and enjoy almost all of their “nows”, you realize that if one can do it then it is possible for all.
I could go on and I do so love to go on but let’s get practical. Enjoying your now is simple. All you have to do is intend to find something in your now to appreciate. You can do that. When negative emotions arise, step back and observe. Allow yourself to observe it without resisting it. You become the still observer behind the crazy stuff. If that doesn’t work then focus on your breathing or some aspect of your body like walking or your chest rising and falling. As often as you can in every moment be aware of your incredible life and blessings. Find beauty, spin the story of what is happening in the best of lights, give yourself and all others the benefit of any doubt. Question old beliefs. Remind yourself that what is out there is a reflection of your thinking and beliefs and all of that can be modified with a little attention. Remember your magnificent spectacular truth and that no one, not even you, can change that so you are worthy of joy, happiness and ease of creation. Know that in this very moment the past can’t touch you and the future doesn’t exist so you are very okay right now and all is in perfect order to help you start enjoying every moment.
When you start enjoying every moment without waiting for everything to be “just right” you will find all things becoming “just right”. You will learn to trust that even when it seems not quite right there will be a gift in that experience that will propel you to even more amazing just right moments in the ever present now.

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