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Focus your thoughts for good




So the trick is to master your mind. Decide what you want and fill your mind with the idea of it, to the exclusion of any conflicting data from you or anyone else. Remember what you resist persists, what you fight against, you make stronger. Instead give your power, energy, and thought to what you want instead of what you are against.
All the ranting and raving about things that aren’t right or people doing wrong or the economy failing is what is keeping things not going right, the wrong people in powerful places, and the economy failing. This can’t help you specifically get what you want in life and if you can’t get what you want in life then no one can in your experience.
There is no power or point to using your amazing gift of thought and feeling by symbolically throwing it at what you don’t want only to have what you don’t want absorb your power and energy and become more massive in your experience.
Look away and toward what you want, the beauty that you want, the peace and relaxation that you want, the inspiration and excitement that you want, the pleasure that you want, the abundance and generosity that you want, the creativity that you want, the raw power that you want, and the intimacy that you long to have. Look toward that and all the obstacles in your way will melt and you will remember that they are just a figment of your powerful mind. You have better figments to enjoy.

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