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Inspire yourself for you are Inspiring

What you do in your day to day existence has meaning and purpose.  That meaning and purpose is spectacularly unique and adds to the whole of existence.  You and only you can spin your unique perspective and interpretation on what you experience.  You and only you can take that and expand it into something new and different. 
Whether you flow into your new and different experience, whether you live your dreams, whether you enjoy your magnificence…You are still adding to the universe in spectacular ways.
All you have to do to transition from the difficulties you may be experiencing to a more joyful life more in tune with your dream life is to join the whole universe in celebrating you.
In every moment you have the opportunity to chose a thought instead of letting your thoughts happen by default.  In every moment you will know if your choice or default thought is creating the life you want or creating a life you may not enjoy as much by the way you feel when you think it.
You may have been taught that you have little control over your circumstances or emotions.  That is a little twisted for it is your emotions that tell you if you are moving your circumstances in a positive or negative direction.  Your emotions tell you whether you are mastering your thoughts to your own advantage or not.  They are not to be denied or condemned but rather used wisely as the indicator that they are.
Make it a priority to play with your ability to think and thus feel in a way that gives you joy in the moment.  You did it well as a child and with a little attention and fun practice you can surpass your ability as a child and become the master of your life expression.
It is possible to have a life that is full of fun, joy and great experiences with only an occasional moment of less than that.  In those moment of less you will be clear about more and find your life enhanced greatly.  Those moments of less than spectacular were not to be held onto, but rather to clarify in that moment your next great adventure.
Know that you intended to enjoy this experience and it truly doesn’t have to be difficult in any way.  Your answers, solutions and dreams will manifest and the way will be clear and easy.
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