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Harness Your Powerful Mind

When you spend your now moments being the master of your mind, finding a vision or thought that feels lovely in every moment, it feels so wonderful. The moment is now wonderful and nothing has changed but how you feel. The beauty is that when you continue doing that deliberately in each moment and just enjoy the feeling, you will find your circumstances changing to fit your vision.
You will find answers to all you want to know within, you will find experiences you want filling your time, you will find time expand, you will find people coming into your life that are fun and uplifting, you will be immune to other people’s drama and they won’t bring it to your experience anymore, you will be beautifully and uniquely you.
So what thoughts could you have in your moment that make you feel good. It is unique to each one of us but you can’t help but think so why not play with directing your thoughts. You will know that thought is serving to create what you want by the way you feel thinking it. If you dominant intention is to feel good, you will find the thoughts that you want.
It will take a little attention and practice for up til now you were told to face reality and struggle and that life is unpredictable but that is not the case. You are the power behind your experience so why not harness it, direct it toward your desire, and experience how you intended to live.
You are magnificent, amazing and truly a unique gift and it is absolutely true that you can have your dream easily…just harness your powerful mind and watch how magical life gets…truly magical.

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