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Inspiration Brings Results

I am not sure why people resist the idea of feeling good just for the sake of feeling good.  Why in any moment would you choose to feel less than wonderful?  We have been taught to believe that we don’t have a choice and circumstances dictate how we will feel but that is so very far from the truth.
In any moment no matter what is going on there are examples of people choosing to feel good or at least better than what would be expected.  It is that attention and mastery of the mind that brings about change for the better.
It is so much easier to live that way…finding the good in every moment.  Looking for the good in people, in circumstances, in experiences is much easier and feels much better than trying to find what is wrong.  There is so much to appreciate in every moment, you have really got to train your mind to find what is wrong and that takes effort and wears you down.
Finding what is wrong causes your body to break down and in this vibrational existence also causes your circumstances to reflect more of what is “wrong” or not wanted.
You can easily be trained to do something the hard way and then because it is a habit continue doing it that way.  If someone told you there was an easier way to do it and get amazing results I would expect that you would give it a try.
In the beginning you would have to catch yourself doing it the old way and put some attention and awareness into your life to retrain yourself to do it the new way.  It is the same with mastering how you think about yourself, others and situations.  The good news is that you can always tell if you are on track by how you feel.
If you are feeling inspired or appreciation or joy or passion then your thoughts are working for you.  Anything less and your thoughts are working against you.  Easy, right?
It doesn’t matter if you master your mind or not…you are still magnificent and amazing and unlimited and you will get to all your dreams eventually.  I just thought you might be interested in doing it during your physical lifetime and if you believe in reincarnation then this lifetime and not the next.  It is truly and completely your choice.
Enjoy your amazing moments, allowing the magic and sparkle to shine through.
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