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Make Practical Use of Your Magic

Seems that forcing yourself to do what you think you have to do is the most inefficient and counterproductive way to get things done. In fact if you look at the evidence, it seems that the most prosperous and successful people do the least and have other people do just about everything they are not passionate about doing. That leaves them free to put their energy and time into what they do love to do which they are then inspired to do.
Inspiration is the most effective way to get anything done and giving yourself permission to relearn how to get inspired is well worth your attention. Without inspiration then procrastination and spinning your wheels is usually the result.
There is a great technique that I learned from one of the resources on It is called the placemat technique. The basic gist of it was inspired by a meal in one of those restaurants with the white paper placemats but any piece of paper will do. On one side entitled YOU list only what is absolutely necessary for you to do that day and what you want (not should) do. On the other side entitled UNIVERSE list all the things you need to get done, would like done but don’t really want to do, and would like to have done but don’t see how you could do it.

It sounds fairly simplistic but you will find things getting done in the most wonderful of ways. You may even find yourself doing things you have been putting off and not realize you are even doing it until it is just about done. People will show up in your life that want to do what you need to get done or with information about how to do it easily in a way that you enjoy.
The other technique that truly amazed me is just taking a few minutes to relax and breath or listen to something relaxing that takes your mind to a quiet place. It doesn’t take long just a few minutes of quiet and giving yourself permission to relax and enjoy some quiet.
I have found that the task at hand that I dread doing either gets done by someone else or I find myself doing it and it seems easy. Sometimes it transforms into a much much easier task than my first assessment. It is almost as if some unseen force altered the task just for me. The other lovely experience is that when I am doing whatever I am doing more fun seems to be in play, or great appreciation is felt for someone while I am doing it.
No matter what, I am finding joy in every moment and that leads to more experiences I want and less I don’t want. Finding joy in every moment leads to inspired action which feels free and easy and spirals into more joy.
You were meant to find life a joyful adventure of discovery and creativity and pleasure….not a struggle or hardship.
The actions were meant to be inspired joyful activities that resulted from your desire and dreams, not chores or obstacles to overcome.
Regain your power to create your dream life and all will benefit, not only you.

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