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Reclaim Your Power

There are so many ways to change how you are feeling in this very moment to feeling how you want to feel. The amazing part about that is if you make it a priority to change how you feel in this moment to a feeling of appreciation, inspiration, peace, joy or pleasure you will find your life circumstances changing as well.
So what are the ways you can change your now feeling that may not be what you want it to be? The following are some suggestions but they are not in order of importance.

1) Focus your mind on the act of breathing, feeling the air go in and out of your nose, mouth or lungs.
2) Find something to appreciate about each person that is involved in whatever circumstance no matter what it is and even if it is unrelated to the issue. You can’t be critical while you are finding something to appreciate even if it is just the lovely necklace they have on.
3) Find something to appreciate about yourself, again no matter what it is and even if it is unrelated to whatever issue you think is “causing” your negative emotion.
4) Imagine that you are magnificent and amazing and gifted and by virtue of your existence you have inherited your dream life ( this is actually true but you are saying no to having it at the moment). Play with the idea of what that would look like and have fun with it. Enjoy imagining how things would work out in a win win situation for all involved.
5) Accept that whatever circumstances are occurring there is a silver lining to come and imagine how you would feel if the circumstance were completely resolved or gone. I do mean completely resolved and as perfect as you would want them to be. Play (and play is key, we don’t do enough of it as adults) with the idea.
6) Think about how you would feel about the issue in your eternal truth 10,000 years from now. How insignificant whatever is causing you the negative emotion is to an unlimited eternal spectacular being such as yourself
7) Distract yourself with amazing music, or an uplifting movie or comedy.
8) Tell yourself loving supportive appreciative admiring things as if you were your own star crossed lover or doting parent. Just make it up until you own it as your actual truth because the Universe does adore you.

9) Pretend a lot, just for the fun of it. You could be a super model going to the mall incognito while you shop, hoping the paparazzi doesn’t find you. You could be a famous race car driver while you drive down the road. You could be a billionaire philanthropist giving anonymous gifts to people you meet in need. You could be anything that feels like fun in any moment if you just regain your natural ability to play just for the fun of it.

10) Remember in this very moment you have complete control of your emotion by the thoughts you are thinking and if the emotion is unwanted it means your thinking is in error. Let that realization change your attention to looking at what you are thinking and changing the thought: either recognizing the belief that is outdated and not serving you at this moment or just making the decision to change the topic you are thinking about by choosing something else to think about. You can’t tell yourself not to think about something but you can direct your mind to think about something else.
11) Take something in your life that you may take for granted and explore how wonderful it is like the fact you can take a hot shower. Thank yourself for having it, making it a reality in your world. Thank the people that developed all the technology over that years that make it possible. Thank the workers who built the plumbing and the people that installed and hooked it up. Thank the earth and nature for providing the water. It could go on and on. The truckers that delivered it, the receptionists that processed the order, the designer that made the actual faucet and shower, etc. When you are focused on appreciation you will feel amazing.
I could go on but just the intention to feel better in every moment will bring to you the information and techniques that best fit you. We are all infinitely connected to a Source that flows all that we want always…It just awaits our acceptance. Ask and you shall receive.

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