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You Already Have a Divine Connection

When you meet someone who has found his or her way to knowing themselves and their connection with the Divine (can’t have one without the other) you always feel awesome.  They are magnetic and can only by their nature love, appreciate and enjoy you.  They are in the moment and tend to keep you in the moment.  They see you as you truly are:  magnificent, unlimited, amazing and powerful.
The problem comes when you realize you can’t be around them all the time and you are not the only one they see as amazing.  This is where your own disconnect is felt for you judge yourself and others as less than that powerful truth.
They see beauty all around them and when you are with them it is easy to see.  They see great people and great times and when you are with them it is easy to see.  They enjoy life fully in whatever they are doing and when you are with them whatever you are doing is fun.
The great great news is that you can be that as well.  In fact it is much easier to live and flow into your greatest expression of life when you reconnect to who you really are:  magnificent, unlimited, amazing and powerful.
The question is how do you get to that state of being.  That state of being that allows you to live joyfully and manifest the life of your dreams immune to the ups and downs of your own life and that of the world you perceive.
It is a simple process, as it must be.  You just have to peal off the layers of judgment, misguided beliefs, insecurities and fears to allow your real you to come through.  It is all in there.  All the knowledge, talent, opportunities, connections with people, amazing relationships, awesome experiences are already there waiting for you to uncover your true self.
Just ask and you will find yourself being exposed to whatever you need to experience to get to that core you.  In fact, based on what you believe and think you are already in the perfect place experiencing the perfect experience to do just that.
The trick is to become aware that you do not have to do it the “hard” way.  If you happen to be experiencing something “difficult” when you realize it doesn’t have to be that way then in the next moment the solution comes into your life.
When you complain about what is happening in your life right now, you have forgotten that you are the one and only creator of that experience and the one and only solution.  That doesn’t mean the solution won’t involve others but in order to even recognize them in the process you have to become aware of your part in the play of life.
You know what connection to the Divine feels like.  You know it when you are loving fully, appreciation fully, involved in what you love to do, spending time with other people in a connected state.  All you have to do is make it a priority to find that connected state. In every moment think whatever it takes to think about whatever you are doing and whoever you are doing it with including yourself.
There is never a moment in your life that you can’t find something to think that makes you feel better, or feel wonderful.  Think it.
There is never a person in your life that you can’t find something to think that makes you feel better about them or even appreciative of them.  Do that for yourself as well, in fact, when you do that for yourself first then the rest is so very easy.
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