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Let go of Attachment




Letting go of attachments and expectations doesn’t mean we don’t make plans or love deeply. In fact it gives us the freedom to love more unconditionally and flow into the action that will bring the most amazing events into our lives. Have you have ever chased a relationship or goal and succeeded by sheer will, forcing the issue no matter what got in your way? I would venture to say that after the fleeting moment of satisfaction it ended up not being what you truly wanted. Some of us are trained not to be in tune with our feelings and so when the disillusionment arrives we blame others and circumstances. We then may embark on another quest thinking when the goal arrives we will finally find the happiness we seek. The problem with that is without letting go and just “being” happy or “being” in the feeling state of what we truly want the true goal will not be attained. So set goals but don’t be attached, make a plan but be flexible, love others as the true gift it is without expectation.
In the loving of another you are the one that benefits the most so the feeling of love and gratitude you give to that person has already served it’s purpose for you whether they return that love or do certain actions. If you stay in the flow of love and don’t use accepted excuses for stopping your flow you will find the magical life you were meant to live. It will be easy and exhilarating and take you places you never dreamed possible.

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