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Make Disapproval a Thing of the Past

In life disapproval seems to come early and regardless of the source we know it doesn’t feel good.  It doesn’t feel good because disapproval is a result of forgetting who you are.  The person doing the disapproval has forgotten their own magnificence and if you are affected by their disapproval then you have forgotten as well.
When you remember who you are (and that is a spectacular, brilliant, unlimited and unique being) then the disapproval of another does not in any way affect you.  In fact the practice of remembering almost eliminates disapproval from your experience.  Of course someone somewhere in their forgetting will disapprove of you for something but you will not be aware of it.  When you are not paying attention to it and can love unconditionally and enjoy with abandon most people will overlook what they disapprove of just to be near your energy or they will avoid you.  Either way, you get to live in a lovely and supportive world.
The trick is not to blame the other for disapproving of you.  They are just doing you a favor to point out exactly where you have forgotten your own magnificence.  They are more effective teachers than I am in helping you root out old beliefs that don’t serve you and to eliminate the buttons you have that can still be pushed.
The other trick is to become aware of when you are disapproving of others.  Even when you don’t say anything or do anything about it, the feeling of disapproval works against you in so many ways.  In the moment you are disapproving you are moving away from your dream life.  There is nothing that disapproval can do to further your life for the better.  The only way it can help another is if they are learning to deactivate their buttons…lol
Also know that in a way what is within you manifests in your life.  If you are disapproving of others then you will find others disapproving of you.  You can waste a lot of creative energy trying to put out all those fires and none of it will take you quickly to your dream life.
Once you get a taste of living without disapproval of others and not experiencing the disapproval of others you will be amazed at how natural it becomes and how much better you feel everyday.  It becomes harder and harder to take it seriously when you remember how amazing and spectacular you are and everyone else is.  You then only experience the best of people when they are around you and that is so much fun.
Yes, you have to give up the camaraderie of complaining but it will not feel good to you anymore anyway.  People will stop bringing their complaints up around you and the conversations will instead be uplifting and fun and humorous.
The most difficult disapproval to eradicate is your own disapproval of self.  So in all things lighten up and be doting and patient with your magnificent self.  Know that all mistakes are just that pesky forgetting and whatever happens will serve all involved to move closer to remembering their full magnificence if they choose to use it for that purpose.  You only have to worry about your choosing for you in releasing your need to control others you gain complete control of your own life.  You can only truly help another by regaining your memory of your absolute amazing worth and magnificence.
Enjoy your every amazing moment.
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