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Self Esteem

Just a simple clarification of an abused concept…your self esteem. It should be as magnificent as your truth which is magnificent. It should not be based on what you have achieved or who you are related to or how much money you make.  Once you accept and embrace your truth then all things flow easily. Anytime you try to bolster your “esteem” by enumerating your accomplishments you place yourself in a precarious and temporary position. In any moment someone who “worked” harder, or did more, made more money or was born to royalty, etc. can knock your self worth down. In addition, you then have to continuously add to your list or expect people to live in the past with you and worship your accomplishments of yesterday.

We are all exactly equal and those who actually become successful recognize their truth within themselves first not the other way around. Those that become “successful” to prove themselves worthy find that life is a constant struggle and no goal or accomplishment is enough. You will have and do more from the realization that you are already magnificent and unlimited than from any activity that is aimed at proving your worth. You will also find that it comes easily instead of being a struggle or uphill battle. You will also find the journey as enjoyable as the attainment of the goal.

Your self esteem is healthy when you know your truth; that you are magnificent, spectacular, unlimited and eternal.  Nothing you do or don’t do can change that.  Enjoy the moments of your amazing experience through life.  You can’t do it wrong and all is in perfect order.  When you figure out the controls of this ride you will be flying to whatever dream you entertain, quickly and without effort.  While you are figuring out the controls be kind to yourself, you are doing great.

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