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Regain Your Magical Perspective

When you are small, life is full of wonder and discovery.  Somewhere along the line you allowed what is called practicality and responsibility to consume you.  The passions and dreams of your youth placed on a shelf to be ignored or ridiculed.
The crazy thing is that all the practical and responsible people are usually not living the life you want.  They may not even be truly living life but merely tolerating it the best they can.
Justification and rationalization of this existence is rampant and examples of people crashing and burning when they follow their dream are recounted.  The ones living their dream life are considered just lucky or wrong on some level or having some extraordinary skill that by some stroke of magic was used in the right place at the right time.  Or maybe they were born into the perfect life or they paid the price which seems insurmountable to the average person.
All of these examples do exist but examples of every possible road to a dream life exist as well.  The ones that don’t crash and burn, the ones who found it easy, the ones who seemingly don’t have any more talent or beauty or creativity than many others or the “average” person, the one from a terrible childhood or just average childhood…they are all found.
In addition, looking from the outside in, there is no way to determine whether the person is living what they truly want or not.  It always comes back to making your own choices about your own life.  It always comes back to finding the wonder and discovery of the moment.  It always comes back to realizing that life is a glorious work in progress, each moment perfect for the moment yet to come.
On some level you are already living your dream life, you just have to catch up and realize that your dream life continues to change and thankfully so.  Wouldn’t it be nice to flow into each lovely experience with joy and eagerness and ease?  Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the challenge and adventure because you are having fun, not because you must do something in order to get somewhere?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you regained your natural ability to conjure a desire and flow into it easily over and over again?
You are magical and you are creating miracles in every moment.  You may have forgotten in this time space experience but the greater part of you is living it and remembering.  That part of you awaits your remembering that you are the magic that fuels the universe.
You know what it is like to be held in the gaze of someone who appreciates you, to be touched in a loving or supportive way, to have someone think about you in a admirable way.  That feeling is just the tip of an infinite iceberg of the unlimited magic you possess.
When you remember your magnificence and unlimited power and unique contribution to the universe just by existing you are magical and all things are possible for you.  When you do this for yourself you can also do it for others and then and only then can you help improve their circumstances.
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