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Purposely Direct Your Thoughts

How does one think and feel on purpose?  Many of those suggestions in yesterday’s post apply to mastering your mind and in mastering your mind, your feelings follow.  At the end of this post are a few more ideas to help you regain your natural ability to create and orchestrate your desired experiences.
Most people believe their feelings are beyond their control and if they found they could control how they feel then the feelings are not authentic.
This is far far from the truth.  Actually feelings are really simple.  We give them many many names and what one person feels is completely unique to them though we may use the same term to describe a feeling.  How would you know what inspiration feels like in someone else?  You only truly know what it feels like to you.
It is like describing in words the color red.  Try it, it is not really possible.  In addition, what I see as red and certainly my reaction to the color is completely unique to me as it is to you.  We just all agree that a certain frequency of light is classified as the color red.
I could go on with unimportant esoteric ideas but let’s get back to the practicality of thinking and emotions.
There are really only two classes of emotions.  Emotion that feels uncomfortable or undesirable and emotions that feel good and desirable.  The authentic and true emotions are the ones that feel good and are desirable.  The emotions that are uncomfortable are the ones indicating that you are not being authentically your magnificent and unlimited, amazing and spectacular self.
When you feel good then you are attracting into your life more of who you are and what you want and experiences that are desirable.
When you feel a negative emotion then you are doing the opposite and attracting less of who you are, what you want and experiences that are desirable.
Your emotions may seem out of your control but they are completely in your control.  They are a response to how you are using your mind in that moment.  You may have developed chronic habits of thought that run without your conscious awareness but they can be changed and usually all it takes is becoming aware that you can.
Something that truly helps with this process is accepting that no one can “make” you feel anything.  It is always a choice that you make though at this point because it is a habit, it may seem like you have no choice.  When you feel a negative emotion ask yourself the question “Why am I choosing to feel this way?”  There are many layers that you can peel away to discover the error in your thinking, what beliefs may be outdated or misguided but there is a shortcut.  All misguided, erroneous and outdated beliefs (which are habits of thought) lead to the fact that you forgot that you are magnificent, unlimited, spectacular, worthy of all that you desire and the universe is beyond abundant and can provide all things to all beings in harmony.
When you reframe the situation from that perspective…that you are magnificent, unlimited, spectacular, worthy of all that you desire and the universe is beyond abundant and can provide all things to all beings in harmony…then the situation changes completely, your thoughts about it change completely and your feelings will be in harmony with who you truly are.  You will know that you are on track because you will feel very good or inspired or joyful or appreciative…the way you love to feel.
If this seems like a huge jump then just take the small steps in layers…examples:
“He lied to me and I feel betrayed and can’t trust him…this feels negative”  changes to “I am choosing to feel betrayed because another magnificent being forgot his truth and mine and didn’t feel strong enough to tell me the truth.  That is crazy, his lie is just his issue and so I just have to choose whether to stay in this relationship or not.  It doesn’t in any way reflect on my worth or really anything about me so why would I choose to feel negative.  It also may be my being judgmental that attracted the lie so I will work on being more accepting of myself and others.  I know my gut instinct can usually tell whether someone is going to be a pleasure in my life or not and I will trust it more.  Even so since I get to choose my feelings no one can really hurt me so I am not worried.”
My superior just reprimanded me and I am feeling inadequate and insulted…this feels negative” changes to “I am choosing to feel inadequate and insulted because another magnificent being forgot his truth and mine.  This is crazy and so I just have to choose whether I want to stay in this job or not.  I am going to enjoy the thought of doing something I really love to do and doing it well and not being affected by other people’s opinions.  I am doing the best I can even if I have judged myself harshly and always feel I could do better or think I am not motivated enough to do what I think I should do.  It just means I am not owning my truth and that is changing because I know when I own my truth I will be easily inspired to doing what I love to do and I won’t care what anyone thinks and then I will only be in experiences with people who are supportive and appreciative.  I will play with a redo for this situation and imagine that it went the way I wanted it to and that my superior was appreciative and supportive.  This feels much better.  I will become aware of when I am being harsh with myself and stop that train of thought by thinking well of myself and knowing I am doing the best I can in every moment.”
More to come tomorrow…we will continue to work through common negative emotions and possible ways to change how you think of the situation and your self.
Remember the shortcut is to just reinterpret the situation from the truth that you are magnificent and so is the other person involved and that there is always a solution that is win win.
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