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You are Worthy of your Every Desire

Your worth is actually something you decide. Well, actually you are worthy or all that you desire without any need to earn or learn or struggle or pay dues. The issue is that in this physical experience you experience what you choose to experience. If you are choosing to be unworthy or choosing to make earning or learning or struggle or paying dues your reality then you shall have it that way. Why on earth would you choose to make life difficult?
At some point along the way of consciousness, we lost our personal connection to the Divine and allowed others that were disconnected to lead us. It seems that we have created an entire world of struggle and difficulty with occasional breaks. Even when we are not struggling or experiencing difficulty many of us think and worry about the possibility of that very thing happening in the future.

The beauty is that you can reconnect with your divine self and remember that you are worthy of all that you desire and easily.  All you have to do is find that connection in each moment and that is easy.  If you are feeling joy, appreciation, inspiration, passion, laughter, comfort then you have reconnected.  Keep doing that in every moment and the experience will be the proof that you truly are worthy or all you desire easily.

I would not have believed that my thoughts and beliefs shaped my experience or that I was completely in control of what I choose to experience by mastering the way I thought and what I thought about until I actually experienced it. I changed how I thought about everything that didn’t feel so great. I changed core beliefs that when questioned didn’t really seem to have any foundation on the truth. The very first benefit was that I felt better and walked through life without worry, anxiety, struggle, hurt, anger, disappointment etc. That was really all that I was after and then the magic happened and people, places, circumstances started changing.
Basically what I am saying is that in feeling better in each moment you will at least feel better in each moment. That in and of itself is worth doing. When you are in the habit of doing that, you will be amazed at how life becomes magical and you easily flow into the life of your dreams.

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