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There are Infinite Opportunities

It seems that we have been taught that opportunity only knocks once or a few times and that it is possible for your ship to have sailed.  The truth is that opportunity is always knocking and you have an infinite number of ships to choose from and the ones you want will always be sailing in and out and in and out.
There is never a time in your life when you can’t have the dream life you want to live in this moment at this moment.
I am not talking about an award or moment that is defined by some outside institution but rather the essence of your everyday dream of life.  The living of a life so abundant and joyful that you feel free and unencumbered in every moment.  Some may say that the 70 year old athlete who dreamed of winning a gold medal during the Olympic games has missed their opportunity to do that.  I personally think that it is possible and that in the future it may be commonplace.  However an Olympic gold medal does not guarantee a dream life or abundance or deep passionate love.  It is a moment of success and a medal not a life.
In finding your dream life, you want the moment to moment enjoyment of wonderful loving appreciative relationships in places and spaces that pleasure you with the freedom to enjoy whatever desire your heart and mind can conjure as you experience your moments.  It will be different for each one of us and it is possible for each one of us to have that.  It is not only possible but also serves to enable all others to do the same.
The first step is to find the joy in your now moment.  It is there.  It is there in every moment.  In finding that joyful thought or experience, you will find appreciation and inspiration.  It is there in every moment.  If you make it a high priority to find it in every moment it will become a habit and override your old habit of negative emotion.  When you are doing this often, the evidence of your true power will surface and life will magically transform before your eyes.
You will easily see opportunities, inspired action will flow and magical events will dominate your life, delighting and captivating you.  You will find time expanding to accommodate your every desire.
The easiest way to find your joy, inspiration and appreciation in every moment is to remember how uniquely magnificent and unlimited you truly are.  Remind yourself of this often and remind yourself that it is the truth of every being you connect with no matter how deeply they have forgotten.
Turn your attention to what resonates with your truth and that will always feel wonderful.  If it doesn’t feel wonderful then your attention is misplaced.
There are no steps, journals, or actions that can do this for you.  It is much much more simple.  In the moment find the most wonderful thought and conjure the most wonderful feeling.  Keep doing that in every moment and watch what happens in your life, you will be amazed.
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