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Simply Remember Your Magnificence

In every circumstance if you step back and reinterpret the event through the eyes of your true self, magnificent, spectacular, unlimited and eternal, the entire picture changes. Of course you must also know that the people in that circumstance are also all of that though they may have forgotten.
You will find that the opinion of others doesn’t affect you except to appreciate the ones that resonate with your own. You will find that the behavior of others doesn’t affect you except to enjoy the circumstances that are your hearts desire. You will find no matter what is going on in your life you know the solution is quickly coming if there is a need. You will know that you can change any circumstance to one you want even more with ease.You will recognize that no matter what another person may do that is less than wonderful it is because they have forgotten their true self and connection to the Divine therefore they are doing the best they can. You will have no judgment and harbor no ill will. You will be unconditionally compassionate with yourself and others.
You will know that you have done the best you can in every millisecond of your life and only use the past as a positive learning experience at most without guilt. You will see that no one in your past requires forgiveness for you were both dancing the dance of forgetting and doing the best you could under those circumstances.
Everything you have experienced had purpose and the gift may just be your awakening to your powerful truth but in your new awareness you know that process from now on will be easy.
You will easily find the joy and beauty of your every moment combined with the perfect balance of your future dream life to come.
You will know that you have eternity to play with this experience and that nothing is set in stone. In knowing that you won’t take life so seriously and yet you will honor each sacred moment with appreciation and joy.
You will be excited about many things, this moment and all your dreams to come true. It is all in perfect order, you are perfectly you, unfolding your truth in every moment and creating spectacular waves of unique expansion.There will be no ups and downs, no negative emotions will last more than a fleeting moment just clarifying your desires for the future. You will give your undivided attention to what you want and what is appreciated in the past, present and future.
You will be able to love and appreciate everything and everyone more deeply and fully. You will not fear for you know you are eternally safe.
The intention was for you to have fun, expand, be free, add your unique perspective to this experience. It was never intended for you to suffer or fix anything or yourself. That is an error that we are correcting now.
Enjoy your powerful amazing unique self…and the world will benefit exponentially. Nothing else can give any lasting improvement but that.

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