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You are More than you Think you are

We are thrilled with discovery and the solving of mysteries.  We are addicted to passion and falling in love.  We spend more money on beauty, art, entertainment and triumph than we do on anything else.  This is not a bad thing for it is what we came to this experience to do.  Explore, create and admire the results of that then do it all over again.  We did not come here to struggle and suffer and accept that this is what life is about and find a way to fix it.
In paying attention to your true purpose, to be your authentic true magnificent creative exploring triumphant self, the struggling and suffering of the world will cease to be.  It is always an inside job regardless of how outside yourself or beyond your control it seems.
The trick is to discover the gifts in your moment.  Solve the mystery of the gift you are within, hidden under misguided beliefs and judgments.  Admire your own beauty so you can truly appreciate the beauty in others.  Create new thoughts and ideas about your expression of life.  Seek what excites and pleasures your inner most self and give that gift to the world.
You don’t have to share any of this in the physical reality with anyone though by the nature of this existence most likely you will share it with someone.  The point is that whatever is happening inside you is reflected in the whole of existence.
When you are at peace there is more peace.
When you feel abundant there is more abundance.
When you feel joy there is more joy.
When you appreciate the gifts of this existence and of your contribution to it, which is infinite and magnificent, then you power the universe with the stuff there are no words for.
The side benefit is your personal experience will match and life will be the easy wonderful creative adventure you planned in the first place.
Discover who you truly are and all will be revealed to you and every movie, book, sports win, art or musical masterpiece will pale in comparison to your own life experience…the paradox is that then and only then will you fully appreciate all the gifts in this life.
You are so much more than you think you are.
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