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You are Far From Ordinary

I have yet to meet an ordinary person. Yes, I have met people who have forgotten how extraordinary they are, who try to fit in, who maintain the status quo in fear of something, or who hide behind ordinary as some badge of honor but they are not ordinary.
I have yet to meet someone without beauty, talent, and creativity. They may hide it from the world and themselves but it is there.
Each person is like a gift waiting to be opened. Some are refreshingly wrapped in a way that gives you a hint at their amazing inside contents but others are a mystery that draws those of us with the detective skills to find them. Either way it is the truth of each one of us.
You are not destined to open every gift or even know what is inside but be assured that there is always a gift, a beauty, a talent, creativity completely unique and never experienced in each person that has ever existed.
There can be no ordinary person and those people adept at opening the packages of each extraordinary individual are rare so don’t count on someone else to unwrap your magnificence. It is so much fun to see your gifts for yourself and allow the world to enjoy them without struggle or even worse to miss them completely.
It is not to say that you have things you should be doing or projects you need to complete…those are not where your gifts are. Your gift is in being your unique and magnificent self and the rest will flow from you with such ease, grace and natural fluidity you will wonder why you lived any other way.
It all starts with unconditional thinking and making it a priority to find in the now moment thoughts and beliefs that give you joy, inspire appreciation, stimulate excitement and passion …and that is present in your every moment if you will just open your mind and choose to see it.
When you find your true self and uncover the layers that have held you prisoner you will then be able to see the gift of every person and what an experience life will be then. Magic truly awaits you.

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