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Your Best is Easy and Inspired

There is so much dogma and misguided information about how you go about getting what you want in life.
Do your best.
Work hard.
Pay your dues.
No pain, No gain.
Yet if you look at life there are plenty of examples of doing your best, working  hard, paying dues, and pushing through the pain that yield nothing or negative consequences.  There are also plenty of examples of people doing the least, playing not working, never paying any dues, and changing course when the road gets rough that yield amazing results.
My point is that the pattern of success or getting what you want or having a good life is as unique as the person.  There is only one conclusion that can be drawn and that is that you create your own experience with your beliefs and thoughts.
Exactly what does doing your best mean? or working hard?  No matter what you do couldn’t you have given it just a little more…I mean if you are still living and breathing maybe you didn’t do your “best” because if you give it your “all” doesn’t that mean you should not be alive…lol
I am joking but hopefully you see that doing your best and working hard is a subjective concept that has no definition.  You can always find someone who worked longer hours or researched more sources or contacted more people or took more classes or got more degrees or worked out longer or with heavier weights or etc.
Paying your dues and pushing through discomfort is just a way for those who had to struggle to get where they are justifying their struggle by making the struggle how to get there.  Struggle is always about thinking in error and only necessary if you believe it is necessary or are resistant to remembering your true magnificence.
It is the example of inspired and passionate people doing what they love for the sheer pleasure being experienced as hard work by someone not inspired or resistant to their true magnificence.
The other issue is that pops up is that we give our power away to a collective body that says you can’t achieve something without going through certain avenues yet there are always exceptions to those rules.  However if someone believes that if they do A, B and C they will get whatever result is promised then they do.  It is not the steps A, B and C that get them the results but their belief that it will.
There is nothing wrong with any of it but so many have dreams they don’t pursue because they don’t want to struggle or they don’t want the hardship yet struggle and hardship are never necessary for your dream life to come true.
Innately you want to avoid pain…this is a good thing.  Realize that your dreams never require anything but joy, inspiration and ease.  If you aren’t sure how to get there just stay in the moment and find your way to feeling joy and inspiration and appreciation about anything in your now and circumstances will line up for you like magic.
Doing your best is about that and being authentically you so make sure the dreams you have are yours and not someone elses…you will know because it will inspire you and the actions you take will seem like fun.
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