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You were born to live an amazing life





We were not meant to live with stress and fear which are one and the same. If you remember fully how magnificent and unlimited and spectacular and perfectly worthy of all you need and want and easily able to manifest it, you would never feel fear or stress.
Some say that it is difficult to live without stress and fear but in actuality it is far more difficult living with stress and fear. The kicker is that it is the stress and fear that allows more in your life to be stressed and fearful about.
When you relax into your true state of being all of that goes away and the few blips in your experience are handled without worry, guilt, stress, fear, hurt, angst but instead used for the true purpose of the “blip” and that is to create or clarify what it is that you truly want. You then focus your attention, thoughts and imaginings toward that end. The result is a lovely journey toward ever expanding experiences that lead to the next amazing moment and the next and the next.
Well, you may ask, how do I get to that place of stress free living and the process is simple. Relax, breath and think a new thought. Be easy with yourself and others. Understand that wherever you are right now is the perfect spring board for all that you dream of being and having. Make feeling good your highest priority and when you don’t feel good, think a new thought, distract yourself, meditate, listen to music, appreciate any one of the million things you have in your life to appreciate, tell yourself how much you love yourself, look around for something beautiful, question your beliefs and change the internal mantra about them in ways that serve you, if someone or something doesn’t inspire you then avoid that person or experience if you can. If you can’t then at least take your mind to another experience. Take full responsibility for every aspect of your life without blame as you are just learning how to use your full power and there will be misfires…lol
Enjoy your magnificence for in your full enjoyment all will experience an enhancement of theirs.

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